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Group Coaching for Men 3 Month "Dating" Package


Group Coaching Sessions for MEN who want support to get into a healthy relationship by learning how to deactivate triggers, learn new skills and strategies, communicate effectively, get ideas from other men, check for red flags (from themselves and their potential partner), and much more!  Each week, we'll be reviewing what was learned from the previous week, how the new knowledge impacted us, and we'll start working through a new topic.  Each group will be 3 months in length and a new group will start each season (4x/year).

What's Included in Package?

Groups meet via ZOOM 4x every month (12 sessions total) PLUS each participant gets to communicate with his dating coach every week through the email summary forms and can send up to 4 text messages per month (when in a dating situation where they need help).  One personal (1 hour) phone call each month is also included. Homework will be "assigned" but is it is up to each person if they want to participate or not.

Group size is from 2-25 men.  Although some material will be repeated due to its importance to communication and relationships, there are 12+ separate topics covered every season. Multiple (optional) books will be discussed and recommended; 4 are included in the price of the coaching.

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