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The Flip Flop Girlz is part of Building Dreams Enterprises, LLC

Flip Your Own House!

The Flip Flop Girlz (of Building Dreams Enterprises, LLC) work with homeowners clarify & prioritize their home improvements so that they can sell their home faster and for more money.

Do any of these sound like you?

Know your house could be worth a LOT more but don't know where to start?

You want to sell but want to MAKE money to put towards your next place?

If you sell at THAT price, you know someone will be flipping your why not you making that profit?!

You inherited a house that COULD be worth more if you just knew what to do.

The Flip Flop Girlz can help you flip your own house! Having trained with the stars from "Flip This House" series, they will teach you what you can do to your own place to get even more for it than it could ever hope to get in the condition it is in now. Call now to find out more!

More info to come...OR click here to check out The Flip Flop Girlz's website!